Ultra-thin alumina Ceramic Plate

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alumina plate01

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ultra-thin alumina plate ceramic plate 

1mm To 8mm Thickness Alumina Ceramic Structure Plate For Metal Powder Firing 100*100*2mm

Performance  95Grade  99Grade
 Bulk Density  ≥3.7g/cm3  ≥3.8g/cm3
 Tensile  Strength(Nrmal  Temperature)  ≥160mpa  ≥190mpa
 Bending   Strength(Nrmal  Temperature)  ≥280mpa  ≥310mpa
 Modulus of Elasticity  3.5*10kg/cm2  3.6*10kg/cm2
 Modulus of Friction  0.06-0.1  0.06-0.1
 DC Breakdown  Strength  ≥25 kv/mm  ≥30 kv/mm
 Rigidity (HV)or (HRA)  1650mpa or≥75   1650mpa or ≥80


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